Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dress: Op Shop, $8
Necklace: Safety Pins, $2.50
Glasses: Op Shop, $2
Jacket: Op Shop, $4
Shirt: Op Shop, $5
Silver Jacket: Op Shop, $2
Location: Tim's House

I've wanted to shoot Tim for ages. He's a radiographer. He's also a very pretty man. Unfortunately he broke his foot a few days before I finally got my arse into gear, so the crutches aren't for the Gaga-factor, they're a necessity for him to stand. Poor Tim.

I was forced to use a slightly more expensive ($20) camera for this shoot as it was the only one I could find. I'm tempted to continue using them - the depth of colour in these is really impressive. I especially like how the light refracted and gave the orange effects in some shots.


  1. love it! much better with new camera i think

  2. Wow. I knew Tim would be amazing but wow!