Sunday, November 8, 2009

Karen (part two)

Continuing the fine tradition of having the best shots at the end of the roll

Probably my favourite from the set.

Let's face it, there's clearly no skill involved in making Karen look like a fox. I was actually really nervous going into this shoot in that I was worried that the photos wouldn't do her justice, but despite crappy weather, the worlds shitest cameras (I got 29 visible photographs out of 108 exposures) and extreme hangover, she still managed to look ridiculously hot. I take no credit for this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Karen (part one)

Fascinator: David Lawrence, $60
Jacket: Vintage
Shorts: American Apparel, $70

Karen asked me to shoot her for some publicity material for her upcoming album. She's a really talented singer and a complete fox. I will be uploading more of this shoot later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jenna (Part Two)

The 'ol American Apparel flash-with-the-lights-off trick

Jeans: Lee, $80
Shirt: Arvust, $40

I've had this one for a while but haven't got around to uploading. Jenna was a great model, but I hesitated to upload because she wasn't a huge fan of these pictures, even though the last one is one of my favourites. Kudos to Kate for helping with the makeup on this one.


Jacket: Vintage, $60
Pants: Vintage, $30
Shoes: Op Shop, $2
Glasses: New York, St. Mark's Square Market, $7

John is a former co-worker of mine from General Pants. He's about the most energetic person you could imagine but also a surprisingly good model. These photos don't really do his hair justice; it's amazing.