Monday, September 28, 2009


Hat: Vintage, New York - $10
Dress: American Apparel - $40
Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton (op shop) - $2
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell - $100

Caitlin has one of the best wardrobes of anyone I know, so finding clothes for her to wear wasn't hard. She's got a great eye for vintage and when I saw that bag in particular I knew I had to use it. Caitlin is studying Media and Communications and Graphic Design at the University of Wollongong. I'll be going back through her wardrobe again in the future.


  1. More beautiful photos! I really like the effect of the photo getting slightly darker at the edges, is that just from using film?

  2. It is, thanks to good 'ol crappy disposable camera lenses. Cause they are plastic and shite they degrade and you get a really cool texture. x